Springfield, Illinois

Consulting Services


Better Life Through Community (BLTC) is a small firm created to help leadership make clear, lasting and quality decisions about innovative projects.




Our team of consultants provides a complex of services from the initial problem solving “big idea” through the steps of detailed planning and careful implementation.




When you decide to explore the concept of a community to help address what might seem an intractable problem, our team will help you work through strategic planning sessions.  After making a decision to move forward we will help assemble a diverse strategic management team that will become the front line to making your project happen.




Our experience ranges from creating and testing a project business plans to engaging community stakeholders as the project moves toward implementation.  Even though your project will be innovative, we provide “best practice” information on survey marketing. As each project is unique in terms of funding sources our multi state experience will be useful in developing financial plans in a world of tightening resources.





The community based model, particularly the intergenerational community, is developed from a specific community design.  Our team brings to the table a strong belief in principles that will result in population diversity, creation of “natural” interrelationships and housing that is “green” and “smart.”  Our team is ready to show you how such a community can be developed.





We are constantly building our capabilities directed toward the needs of our clients.  True innovation means the path forward is not always clear, however, we feel we provide the customer services, collaboration with experts and research to create a clear map for the :road less traveled.”  BLTC always believes that it can assist to implement the ideas that we present.



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